Our Mission

Chikafu aims to support local food producers by connecting them to consumers in their urban communities. Communities with a strong urban food economy will foster greater urban resilience and subsequently a more sustainable food system.

Urban Resilience
Urban Resilience

This refers to the ability of our African cities to adapt to a growing urban population & the subsequent increase in food demand. Our mission is to provide cities with the data that enables them to make informed decisions on how to ensure the sustainability and resilience of our urban food systems

Sustainable Food Systems
Sustainable Food Systems

We raise awareness on the destructive nature of our current food systems and the urgent need for change. The Chikafu platform sheds light on how urban communities play an important role in how our food systems function and how they can play a part in changing them. 

Connecting Communities
Connecting Communities

We aim to empower communities by providing them with a platform dedicated to connecting them with urban food producers in their neighborhoods. A platform that allows communities to locally source a larger portion of their food from their neighbours

What People Are Saying About Us

Chikafu is a fantastic platform which empowers someone looking for quality products and empowers the supplier too! I love the insights and consciousness they share.

Jules Costa, Real Food Zim

Chikafu – meaning “the food” in the local Zimbabwe Shona language. This is where you’ll find it all. Home grown goodness. Where communities are being rebuilt and brought together. Amazing concept!

Lesley Middleton

Not just in Zimbabwe, but worldwide, society is becoming more aware of what we are putting in our bodies and how it directly affects us. Our moods, energy levels, how some of the things we actually consume is poison to our bodies. Now more than ever before, especially in our current  dysfunctional environment, we need to step outside our boxes and look at our neighbours for fresh,organic and lovingly-grown produce. Where quality, not quantity is what matters. Chikafu is the doorway of what is right under noses in the community. Thank you for opening our eyes, Chikafu!

Mana Brightman

Chikafu is an amazing idea and initiative with worldwide potential. Supporting local trade is the only way forward and this platform makes it easy.

Matthew McLean

I was thrilled to come across this platform. Chikafu a very valuable tool for the community. Especially in these times trading and swapping food might be the way forward. More people need to know about this. Spread the word.

Jess Fulford

Why Local


They say the easiest way to win hearts & minds is through the stomach. Food truly is a social tool that can foster the growth of vibrant and connected communities. Buying local food gives us a chance to interact with neighbors we would normally not get a chance to interact with in this world of high walls and social isolation. It also ensures that money stays in your community and helps to improve it.


Buying locally not only allows you to get quality food but to also know how it was grown/prepared and the people behind it. Small to medium local producers are not confined to the strict monoculture and heterogeneity requirements of the industrial food system. As such, they help ensure that we get access to a diverse range of food products that we might not normally through the conventional food system.


Where and how food is produced is very important with regards to the environmental impact of food. The further away your food is produced the more CO2 that is released into the atmosphere to get it to you. The more chemicals used to produce your food the greater the environmental degradation of the soil, whilst you are also exposed to more toxic agro-chemicals. Sourcing your food locally helps mitigate all these negative effects on the earth.


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Tino Chifamba

Growth Hacker

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Lead Strategist

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Allon Posen

Data & Software Engineer

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Nathan Shava

Chief Technology Officer

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