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Women Empowerment Programme (WEP) was created by a young woman who has a passion to empower other women. WEP was created to help young girls and women in identifying themselves and empowering them to be self sufficient. The works and projects carried out by WEP are to help those who are orphans, widows, single moms, as well as those that are less privileged by giving the girl child a 2nd chance to life, “ after all many that make it in life, made it because of that 2nd chance.

Women and men are equally important in today’s society and the founder of WEP strongly believes that by helping the girl child the world can become a better place. Therefore we hope everyone can come together and help in supporting women and young girls.

In Africa, young girls are becoming parents when they are children themselves and helping these now young moms to complete their secondary education as well as gain some skills, and become young entrepreneurs is the vision of this programme.

Along with our projects in Africa, the vision is to also empower women in Croydon, United Kingdom. Helping those that have children and not working or haven't thought of going back to study and helping them to realise they can still better their lives after having children. Helping them to realise the opportunities available for them and also encouraging them to do something that will work towards a bigger goal of sustaining their families.

We hope that everyone who visits our page and reads our story can also work collaboratively and aim to change their own community too, by helping other.

Community Projects

Supporting widows, teen moms, and single moms who haven't gotten a chance to education, to learn life skills that can empower them to work and provide for their families, through the ADOPT A FAMILY PROJECT.

Also working with communities to support abused women and helping them get the help they need, as well as educating them to know their rights as women.

Also helping women to start up businesses by providing support to those with small businesses like musika (Vendors), selling around their communities, kuruka (Hair dressers), kusona (Sewing), you mention it. We also help those without these small businesses by trying to understand what their skills are and if non, we have volunteers who have come up and offered to teach these skills, so women can be able to do these and get money for their families, then further get a qualification that can compliment their skills.

We also help them to register their businesses.

Education Programmes

Education is key and we aim to try get as many young girls to finish their secondary education.

We also aim to provide safe platforms where young girls and women can report abuse.

Educating young girls and women on basic hygiene and also providing sanitary wear for them.

Our keys focus on education is also sending young girls to school and see them through to the end. This is done through our ADOPT A GIRL PROJECT.

In the UK we aim to help single mums realise they can become that Doctor that they wanted or that Teacher regardless of how old or what has happened to them in their life.


This project is for those around the world wishing to get involved. You register your interest and you can adopt a girl by providing for them for a period of time that works for you:

Adoptions are not only monetary based you can choose to adopt a girl by:

Paying school fees for a girl for one term two terms or a year or however you feel comfortable and how little you want to pay for them. School fees in most of the areas WEP is helping is as little as $8 US dollars/term.

You can also decide to help a girl by providing books, stationary, school wear or anything that might be needed for school this can be done again for a period that suits you.

Providing a girl with sanitary wear for a period that suits you.

Or you can choose to adopt a girl and be their parent that takes care of them. as your own child, it could be in person or from a distance and you can be in touch with the child and listen to their needs as well directly and help them.


This is one of our unique projects where people from different backgrounds come up and volunteer to see a whole family through, whole family could be a mom and one + children. By adopting them you can commit to providing for them while the mother is starting up a business or taking the children to school while the mother again gets trained to be able to run her own business. Some families do not have a safe place to stay you can choose to adopt and rent a place for them other volunteers can send the children to school or help the mother become self sufficient.


WEP aims to help these girls and women over a period of time we expect to see CHANGE, change meaning:

The mum can stand on her own and no longer requires help, but just support or mentorship or counselling.

Young girls complete their education and can be recognised by organisations that help fully fund these young girls to get higher educations.

Young mums can now work and provide for their children.

Both girls and women have basic understanding of hygiene and are able to educate other women.

The ultimate Goal is for EMPOWERED WOMEN TO EMPOWER OTHER WOMEN, and work with WEP in recognising the next people needing help.

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